Choosing a Web Developer

The good work of the mobile app and the site consists of three factors: the idea, the development quality, and marketing.

Here is a list of checks that will be further described in more detail:

  • personal contact;
  • portfolio;
  • previous customers;
  • care and accuracy;
  • technical competence;
  • technological process.
choose a web developer

Developers classification

1. Amateurs — people operating at home in their free time.

  • A low price for the development is achieved due to a low quality of work, tax evasion, lack of costs for legal existence.
  • Amateurs cannot be professionals. Developers with high qualifications work in professional web studios, where there is an opportunity to improve their skills, engage in highly specialized work and have the appropriate skill pay.
  • Payment can sometimes be made only in cash. No guarantee is given for the work performed.
  • Most often, amateurs are oriented to customers who want to save money and don’t assume about the “pitfalls” of such savings. They may not be aware of these “stones”, especially when undertaking large projects.

2. Software development companies dealing exclusively with the site development.

  • Giving guarantees for all works and services, high efficiency, responsibility for the quality of work (services), and most importantly — “a working site”, not only from a technical point of view but also in terms of the goals of its creation.
  • Prices can’t be low because a web-studio contains an experienced and qualified staff of developers, pays for the office, taxes, etc.
  • Professional developers are selected by customers who want to reduce possible risks and development time and ensure a high-quality site.

Personal contact

Before studying your potential developer, just call him and talk: explain the project and make sure that manager who picked up the phone understands you and your idea, is able to participate in the discussion, is experienced and helps you look at your idea in a technical manner. Personal qualities of the manager are also important. Remember that when you start working with a company or a freelancer, you will find yourself connected with them for a long time: you will communicate a lot, so it’s important that the person doesn’t displease you at that end. You don’t have to become best friends, but it’s better to immediately refuse to work with people who leave an unpleasant impression.

how to choose a web developer

Portfolio or Success stories

After discussing your project with the manager or freelancer, ask him to send you a link to any completed project. To look at the multipage portfolio consisting of many pictures is interesting but not productive. It’s better to get acquainted with one product, but in great detail, scrupulously and carefully. The optimum is not to look at an accidental project, but one that the company manager or the developer itself will advise you. You will be offered a project by which they are proud and which maximally reflects their capabilities.

Previous customers

The only way to learn about the honesty, punctuality, and diligence of a possible developer is to talk to those people who already worked with him. Unlike the previous paragraph, you shouldn’t take the contacts of previous customers from the manager and find them by yourself. Ask previous clients: whether everything was completed on time, whether they are satisfied with everything, whether the price hasn’t changed in the process, whether they can tell what was wrong.

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Care and accuracy

When assigning the time of the next call, name the exact hour and give yourself a reminder. If the manager/developer is significantly late to the appointed time, this can only mean that the company/freelancer is in chaos and there is no clear system for monitoring deadlines and maintaining corporate reminders. If instead of scheduling a call to you in CRM, the manager keeps it in his head, so he will also preserve in mind the time of handover the project and all the intermediate demonstrations.

If any of these items are not in the standard process of a potential performer — take a look because they are all needed. A greatly simplified workflow is a sign of a single-player freelancer who works without a team. Freelancers have the technological process which usually consists of two points: “discussion” and “development”, although “design” and “testing” can be voiced in words. In fact, one person can not be a good designer, programmer, and tester at the same time: each profession requires many years of training and experience.